Director & Producer: Fredrik Stattin

Nordisk Drama & Dokumentär AB

Project manager SVT: Ditte Feuk

Executive producers:

Ingmar Bergman jr

Marie-Louise Sid-Sylwander

Hammars Drama Productions AB

As a film director, Bergman was also a choreographer. Throughout his films, and his theatre works, one could sense his refined choreographed language – in the beautiful movement of a head, or an arm, in the blink of an eyelid – Bergman’s “invisible hand”, constantly directing the actor in a slow dance around the room.   

The renowned and innovative Swedish choreographers Alexander Ekman, Pär Isberg, Pontus Lidberg and Joakim Stephenson, with principal dancers from the Royal Swedish Ballet, interpret Ingmar Bergman through four unique dance performances reflecting on human relations and intense feelings - the unspoken word transformed into movements.

The dances are linked together with images of the epic natural beauty of Fårö and Bergman's poetic home Hammars, with the voice of the master himself - Ingmar Bergman - revealing his thoughts about movements and music.

Filmed on location in Bunge Aircraft Hangar, Ingmar Bergman’s home and outdoors in Fårö, Sweden.


In this recently produced documentary we follow the four choreographers travelling to Fårö on an inspirational and preparation trip, visiting Ingmar Bergman's home and studios, together with Ingmar Bergman jr.

The documentary includes rehearsals and interviews with the choreographers during the making of 'Ingmar Bergman through the Choreographer's eye'.

Length 34 minutes

Format HD - Stereo

Production 2017


Some thoughts on Bergman and dance

Choreography & dance: Alexander Ekman

Music: Frédéric Chopin

Script: Ekman / Bergman

Samband - Band - Saraband

Choreography: Pär Isberg

Dancers: Nadja Sellrup & Oscar Salomonsson

Music: J.S. Bach

Soloist: Torleif Thedéen

A pre-study

Choreography & dance: Pontus Lidberg

Music: Stefan Levin

Voice: Stina Ekblad

Dramaturge: Adrian Silver


Choreography: Joakim Stephenson

Dancers: Nathalie Nordquist & Jenny Nilson

Music: Stefan Levin

Costumes: Marie Bergman

Recorded live on tape with multiple cameras in co-operation with Sveriges Television (SVT).

Length 51 minutes

Format HD  -  Stereo

Camera: Jörgen Bodesand

Available with sub-titles in English, French, Japanese , Korean, Russian or Spanish.

Production 2016

Hammars Drama Productions

Nordisk Drama & Dokumentär

Sveriges Television (SVT)