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We are Stockholm-based executive producers of performing art and of dance movement films &



Board of Directors


Ingmar Bergman jr, Chairman

Ingmar is a member of the board of the Bergman Center Foundation. He is a former airline captain, now retired and working part-time as a psychosyntesis therapist, with focus on aviophobia. Ingmar is the son of director, writer & producer Ingmar Bergman.






Marie-Louise Sid-Sylwander, Artistic director

Since her retirement as a soloist dancer in 1996, Marie-Louise works in the artistic team of the Royal Swedish Ballet. She has recently staged Alexander Ekman's ballet Tulle in Antwerp, Chicago, Essen and Moscow. Marie-Louise is a member of the jury for admission to Royal Swedish Ballet School, and a member of the board of the Cramér Foundation.






Claes Du Rietz, Administrative director

Claes is currently a Stockholm-based management consultant, following a career in Tetra Pak International including positions such as Vice President Environment and President Tetra Pak Asia/Pacific. Claes is also engaged in the Antique Books business.

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